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If I can do it - anyone can

I honestly cannot believe I have made it this far... seven weeks ago I couldn't run for a minute. I have never had the willpower to run but have always envied those who do. I always avoided cross country at school...

The idea of just popping out for a run to burn a few calories when you've over-done it was always appealing to me but I was a defeatest. I realise now it is much more about my mental capability than the physical (even though that's tough too) - my mind has always stopped me. I seemed to have a monster in my head whispering how useless I was and that I would never run so I would give up before I'd even really started.

I don't know what it is but this podcast really does it for me, I started on 19 July and have more or less run every other day since then (although now I am running for longer I am thinking of having an extra day's rest between runs now). I am not managing the full 5k yet (much to my disappointment) but keep reminding myself just how far I've come. At one point I would have been happy to just run a mile but I'm probably running 2.5 miles now.

I'm still managing to run on tracks in the woods but know this will soon have to end with the light fading - have also managed to avoid running in public (perhaps another mental challenge to overcome!), I look forward to my runs and have bored my family rigid with facts and figures and routes and comments from all you bloggers!

All I can say is - if I can do it anyone can - the negative feelings have faded and I'm hooked. Just want to keep it up now.... and I'm blogging (never done that before either!!)

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What a lovely blog! I completely agree with you and I'm terrible for going on to my friends about running too, poor things are very patient so far, but I think I'm on borrowed time... I think you'll find that when you start running in public you'll get over it fairly quickly as most people totally ignore you (good!). I've become quite blasé about it now - when some months ago I'd probably rather have died than get my legs out in public, there I am with little shorts on that I never ever thought I'd ever get into again, running like mad. Flipping great, I'm so glad I found C25K.

Enjoy the rest of the programme and look forward to post-graduation - I've enjoyed myself running even more since then.


Thank you!! I think I'm almost just as excited as having replies to my blog than I am managing to stick to this fab programme!

You were right, have just done first public run (didn't actually see a pedestrian) and although I felt like I was running on the spot at times I did feel proud that I was excercising whilst all those drivers weren't. Felt sorry for my dog though who had to stay at home - though I did have to take him straight afterwards so had a long warm down walk...

Still not managing the whole 5k think I am about half a mile short (not sure I can pull that one out of the bag in the last week).

What are you going to do now you have graduated?


Well done I have always had "the monster in my head whispering how useless I was" at running. I used to try, but have to walk & then beat myself up because I was walking!! Just completed Wk1 and my mindset has changed, I actually wait for the running bit to come and don't get the negs that I am walking!! Don't worry about what "the public" think - think most will actually be envious that you are "out there, doing it" - well done


Thank you! Only had that blasted gremlin there for the first 3 minutes today (but definitely not so agressive as in the past) did mange the public route for the first time which was not bad at all. I have other goals now - how to run without Laura, without headphones, in a proper race etc etc but they are all good and positve. Good luck - I think the Laura phrase that's stuck with me is to RELAX.


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