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Newbie getting the hang of it

I have tried to run on and off for a couple of years but while I can walk "forever and a day" running has always eluded me (not helped by the terrain around here - if you're not going up, then you're going down!). Anyway found this site, got a new mp3 that can download podcasts and away I went. Did w1twice, so behind schedule already but w2r2 completed tonight and I think I've finally got the pace right as I was going too quick before. Not quite overtaken by a snail tonight but it was close! Looking forward to the rest of the plan and beyond.

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Sounds like you're doing great! Hills are awful but they do make you stronger, and if you can walk forever and a day, you'll soon be able to run the same. Don't think that you're behind schedule, the 9 weeks is only nominal, it's getting to run the runs that is the thing. Good luck and enjoy it (especially the downhill bits!).


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