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Flipping Hills

Decided to run from home today, mistake, we live half way up a hill but I thought I would be ok in my new Nike Duel Fusion. I was lucky because I only have small feet and was able to get childrens, so they were a lot cheaper. Any way back to my run, after the five minute walk, I start to run but after 10 minutes I had to slow down, and I mean really slow, but I carried on and made it to the top. But with cars parked on the pavement , and smelly wheelie bins, it will be back to the park, just worried about the winter and having to get the car out to get there. It is difficult because whichever way I go from home it is hilly.:-( :-(

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With time you will find the h*ll gets easier. I'm worrying about winter too, as I really don't have anywhere to run from home that wouldn't get monotonous and possibly rather icy. I hope we have a mild winter as there's only so many long runs you can do on the treadmill.


I suppose I could join a gym and try the treadmill. Pat


I too live in a very hilly place. I just walk for a long while (about 15 minutes) until I find a road that's just undulating, rather than a big hill. Otherwise I pop the trainers in the car and run before i go shopping or when I pick the kids up etc i.e. somewhere away from home, therefore less hilly.

But you made it to the top..... :D


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