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W9R2-almost there

went out for W9R2 this morning and for the first time in the programme, i enjoyed every moment and got very little aches. not too sure what I did differently. Every week i have been getting cramp in the calf muscles which clears after about 5 minutes, but today there was nothing. it was early morning and it was a bit fresher than of late, it did not injest and flies! I did get a face full of cobwebs on more than one occasion! The joys of running in surburbia.Only one run left to graduation but i am itching to start a B210K plan(can anyone recommend a good one?). My mp3 player has officially died .Something to do with hardware failure. My trusty 6 year old nokia was able to rise to the occasion and for the first time i ran using the W9 podcast. I also managed to run for 35 minutes. onwards and upwards

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Well done, almost there, ShaneM. Sounds like an excellent run, a good omen for your post-grad running, too. The mornings are lovely for running now that it's cooler, aren't they? I am hoping my W9R2 goes as well when I do it tomorrow, hopefully. (I bashed my head yesterday, stupidly, so was advised not to run today, grrrr).

Will be looking out for your graduation blog THIS WEEKEND!!! Hooray!!


Yay well done! One left to go I have just completed mine it is a great feeling :)


Well done!! How amazing is this programme :)

Have a look at one of andystev's posts, he has a link for a B210K plan/podcasts, I think it is the one that CaroleC used - there are so many of them when you go looking online its hard to know where to start!

Good luck for your graduation run too!


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