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See Ya Week 3 - Can't Say I'll Miss Ya!!

So the final run of week 3 this morning and it was cooooold but fresh and clear. I can't say I've been very pleased with my running this week and have been dreading the thought of week 4. If I struggle on 3 minutes how the hell do I manage 5? So today I decided that after the final 3 minutes, I'd try to carry on and see how much longer I could manage.

The first 3 minutes felt like a breeze this morning. My legs were behaving so I wasn't distracted by aches or niggles and found a better rhythm. I was tiring a little towards the last minute of the final 3 but the time was whizzing by and it didn't seem as interminable as R1. So Laura said to start walking and I completely ignored her, glancing at my watch to see what the time was. I made it to the bottom of my street before giving in to walking; checked my watch and realised I had run for five and a half minutes without stopping! YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

I'm really proud of that and it's given me the confidence boost I need to tackle week 4 on Saturday. I know I can run for 5 minutes without stopping now, so as long as I'm careful, there's no reason why I can't do week 4. I'm definitely feeling much more positive.

It's also amazing to think that only 5 days ago, I was almost unable to make it through the final minute of running, I was that exhausted, What a difference a week can make!!

Happy running peeps :)

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Nice one Fraz and well done on the extra bit. I think I'm going to wait until next week to test out 5 minutes though. I have my last W3 run tomorrow and then a weekend off.


Great job! Just keep pushing the doubts to the side! I never dreamed after not being able to run a full minute I am going out in a bit to do the dreaded 20!!! Good luck!!


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