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Addicted to speed!

No not the drug, the podcast!! Love going back to intervals as it breaks the monotony. Also Laura is great as she is with you all the way giving you encouragement. It feels a bit weird to begin with as my stride pattern is very different to the beat but that also makes it fun as it mixes it up a bit.

I decided to jog the last 7 minutes; felt a bit of a cheat completing the run so early. Saying that I feel I could have ran a bit faster, although I kept to the beat my stride was a bit small.

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I love this podcast too miche78 and try and do it at least once a week. I usually play the intro to walk for a few minutes then I'm ready to run. I also have started to run for the first time without music too cos like you feel as I can do a bit more, but hey thats what these podcasts are all about letting us find that bit more. :)


This is my favourite too. On Monday I carried on running after the podcast ended until I'd done 5k and now I know I can do 5k with intervals in the middle so that's a great confidence- booster! Until then I'd done 5k at a slow pace for fear of wearing myself out before the end so I'm really pleased to know I can afford to up the pace a bit by using this podcast :)


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