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Wk9 R1 Done

Was so pleased with myself for getting to 30 minutes. Was slightly disappointed that there weren't a set of steps nearby that I could go to the top of and start jumping around in a Rockie style celebration. Never the less it felt fantastic.

Does this mean I'm now graduated or not technically until I've done it three times ?

Two weeks to the wedding I fit the dress perfect, I've managed to quit the ciggies and I can eat as much hog roast as I can fit in on the day :O) Thanks couch to 5 k :O)

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Well done. Funny you should mention Rocky. I was singing that song dancing round the kitchen with joy last night in anticipation of the "badge". Two more and you'll be rocking too. Good luck with the wedding. The perfect dress and

the perfect day!


What a star! well done, not just for the running, but for fitting your dress, and quitting the smoking! Triple gold! We should be graduating about the same time....this weekend, if all goes well. Good luck with the last 2 runs.


Well done on all your achievements! Your comment on Rocky made me laugh - I have a steep hill to run up on the last few yards to my home, and every time I do it I have 'Rocky' ringing in my ears. I remember the first runs when I struggled to even walk up it. My other favourite is Kate Bush's 'Running up that Hill', that particular song is in my head a lot....I live in Hastings - lots of hills around here. Good luck for the wedding and enjoy that hog roast - it sounds wonderful!


Thanks for your comments. Not long now and I'll be in the green badge brigade :O)


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