The final countdown!

The first 15 minutes were tough and my whole body felt really stiff. Then something clicked and the rest was ok. It was also hot again.

I tried another new route, which I really liked. I might even be able to run this way when it gets dark. It felt much safer than my other route in the town centre.

So there you have it Week 9 run 2 done!

*One* more left :). Never thought I'd be here!

One of my tips for getting through each week is to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading some blogs before you head out on each run. I found reading everyone else's experiences really helped me. Oh, and don't forget to blog about your experience afterwards!



4.7 km9.4 km/h 6:22 mins/km 0:30:00 420.5

Bit slower than my last run but still ok. For my final run I'm going to try my local Parkrun route tomorrow. Then I plan on going along to the real Parkrun on Saturday morning for my first postgraduate run.

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  • Wow, impressive stats! Well done. 1 run left - go for it!

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