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W3R2 - Laura's spell

It's a bright, clear, cool autumnal day today and the sun was flashing at me through the trees and buildings before it hit me full face from across the fields.

I've decided that the time periods, time being an abstract concept, are no motivation for me, what I need is to know roughly where I have to get to before I change pace between run/walk or walk/run. So armed with that knowledge today seemed a lot easier than Monday.

I think I'm falling under Laura's spell, I think I can feel myself improving be it ever so slowly. I wasn't hurting as much (god bless Nike and all his little trainers) and I'm certainly not panting or sweating as much.

Before I get too confident let's see what Friday brings. Have a good week.

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Well done you! Kepp going. Laura is amazing, isn't she. I'm too nervous about running with other people, worried I'd be holding them back but I often think Laura is like having a friend running with you who just happens to be just a few footsteps faster than you.


Good to read that you can feel the improvements already, it really is the best motivation to keep going. Well done, you're just about a third of the way through c25k already. :-)


Well done on R2 Chewy! I definitely found it easier than R1 and Laura wasn't nearly so annoying. Keep it up for R3 - mine's tomorrow *eek*


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