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week 9 - started with a hitch

what a week this has been. Started W9 yesterday only to discover that for some bizzare reason i didnt have W9's podcast on my mp3 player. I decided to listen to week 8 again and add a bit onto the end. My son had badgered me into taking him with me on his bicycle. 10 minutes into the run, he fell off his bike and hurt his ankle. That put an end to that run and we both walked home. Last night i tried to put week 9 podcast onto my mp3 player only to discover that my laptop no longer recognises my MP3 player! So I cannot put music onto my mp3 player and i feel i still the support of laura for now so I decided to go out this evening for R1 Take 2 albeit using W8 podcast. I used the full 28 minutes and the 5 minute cooldown(I did add another 5 minute cooldown too) for running this evenng and I pleased to report that i ran for the full 33 minutes. According t o too sure how relyable it is) I ran 4.9963k or 6.1111 k including the warmup/cooldown. I am so chuffed with that, I thought I was running really slow but 33 minutes to do 5 k is a good place to start Planning on doing run 2 on Thursday and the final run on Sat. This programme has been amazing. I cant believe i could not run 9 weeks ago. I used to smoke 30 a day and although i am still over 40 lbs overweight i have lost 30 lbs since Feb this year. Slow but going the right way. The best part of the programme was this blog. I havent blogged much myself but i have read many inspirational stories on here that can only motivate you further. Just when i am losing my motivation or sensing that i am somewhat failing, i just log on here and my spirits are lifted and i just get on with it. keep running everyone

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ShaneM, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm very new to this running thing (just finished R3W2) and I wonder if I'll ever make it to the end. I'm glad to hear you've had such tremendous results with the programme.


Well done for completing the run.:) Hope your son is okay? That sounds like a brilliant time/distance. I must admit that I didn't listen to Laura for the last couple of weeks of c25k but enjoyed listening to my own music or audiobook instead. Good luck with the next couple of runs to graduation. :)


Fantatstic, ShaneM, great distance. I'm nowhere near that, having done W9R1 yesterday. Can identify with the technical problems, my computer regularly seems to forget the existence of my iPod.

Well done as well for the amazing weight loss, that really shows determination and sticking power.

Good luck for your last 2 runs - can you believe you're so close to finishing C25K?


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