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Back to school

Well been back at school for two days now. I am in W3 R2 I have been running in a morning so was a bit unsure how my early evening run would go. So i came home got changed straight away so i couldn't talk myself out of it. I told myself that was the old me who would say "you deserve a cup of tea and a biscuit which often meant a fair few biscuits and no exercise. But not today i said "you are on W3 and going to do R2" I agreed with the voice in my head (which i believe some call willpower) remembering how hard W1 had been. So off i went determined not to let all the hard work go to waste. Back home now with W3 R2 done and feeling smug. However my ankle is still very sore on the inside, i have had it strapped for the last two days as i don't want to stop the programme. My ankle doesn't hurt when i am running just walking any advice other then rest. Going for a soak now, which often helps..

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Ha I could have written this post! Im a little further behind you (week 2 run 2) and during the holidays have been running on a morning with nice fresh legs. This evening the first two running sections felt like I had half my class wrapped round my ankles, but soon eased as I got into the rhythm. I suppose that's from being on my feet all day. I have to say though getting out there continues to help clear my head...i might only be early into the programme, but the running bug has been truly caught!

Have you tried icing and elevating your ankle? Hope it's feeling better soon.


Well done on getting through the run.

I've got my W3R2 tomorrow having barely survived the first. Surprisingly I've not ached as much as I'd expected I would so tomorrow isn't quite as intimidating.

I'm afraid I have no idea at all about ankles other than what's already been suggested but I hope it clears itself.


Wow newstart you're braver than me doing an after-teaching run. No way I could do that. I was up at 5.45am to do mine and to be honest have felt pretty good all day in terms of energy and concentration. I'll need an early night though!!

Look after that ankle and good luck for W3R3!! :)


I'm with Fraz73 - I got up early to run today, there's no way I could do it after a day's work. I'm near the end, W8 R2 next, so I'm determined to graduate and not let work put a stop to my dedication over the holidays. Well done to all, teaching is so all-consuming but we are doing great in sticking with C25K during term time!


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