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W6R1 completed - jeez it was hard !!

I must admit I headed in to this week thinking if I've managed to run for 20mins on the trot, then the first two runs will be a piece of cake !!

I made sure I'd had water and a bite to eat then set off, admittedly around midday when it was very hot. I tried out a new app which allows you to play your own music with the segments broken up. Set off for the first 5 mins, felt ok and then checked the app only to find it had somehow reset and I had to run for 5 mins. I completed another minute to be sure and then set off on the walk.

The next 8 minute segment was I think, the hardest run so far and I don't know why. I receovered much better in the 3 mins and the final 5 minute run was ok until the final minute when I struggled.

So I'm pleased that I completed, it's true that 6 weeks ago I could run for more than a minute at a time but why did I find the 20 minute run (almost) easier than breaking it up in to segments ?? Is it because you have to go through the first 5 minute run (which I almost find the hardest) every time ??

The app is good but I use a ipod shuffle and to use the running app I need to use my itouch which is bigger. Think I am going to stick with the shuffle, use Laura for R2 and then a watch and my own music for R3 - it definately didn't work for me today !!

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Week 6 is by far the hardest week in my opinion. I really struggled with it, and I know I'm not alone. Stay with it week 7 is just round the corner.


Thanks for your comment, glad to know it wasn't just me. I hate the first 5 mins so I suppose it makes sense that I didn't like this run as I had to do it three times !! I never thought I'd say this but I'm almost looking forward to R3 over R2 - whats wrong with me !!

Well done on your running - how long till you graduate ?


Hi ca66ie99, Week 6 is indeed yucky - I have the last run of week 6 tomorrow and am terrified. Like you I found stopping and starting after the 20 minute run of W5R3 quite hard, but I did it ;-) but somehow Week 6 is more demanding. I admire your shuffling-i-pod abilities. I desperately want to use my own music but am worried that I'll have technical hitches so I'll stick to Laura till the bitter end I suppose...


If you can live without Laura's comments during the run's I have found using my own music better. I can sing along (or mouth along !!) and just enjoy the music better than Laura's selection. All you need is a watch with a stopwatch facility. I listened to Laura for the warm up, then when she told me it was time to start running, switched to my own music and started the timer.

I found that I killed half of the programme fighting with myself to not look at the watch (wanted to make sure I looked when I was over half way so that I had less time to run than I'd been running !!) I managed nearly 14 mins before looking at the watch and I wasn't feeling too bad.

It wasn't difficult to do and I felt much better. After the 20mins I switched back to Laura, fast forwarded through the run and listened to her comments during the cool down - didn't want to miss out on her saying well done for running 20 mins !!

Good luck for the last run of W6, hope it goes well and give the music thing ago, you might find it helps ;-)


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