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Pain at back of Rib Cage

Afternoon all, I am only on Week 2 of this programme, dont seem to have any problems with my knees or ankles, other than a slight pull to my calf from walking up stairs. However, when I started running this morning, I could immediately feel a ache/pain right at the back of my rib cage, which made it difficult to breathe properly.

It is still painful now when I try to twist, so can only assume I have pulled some muscles/tendons in this area.

Has anyone else had these pains, and how long did they last!?

See you at finish line....

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Hi 'Sedge,' sounds like what I'm recovering from. Went to the doctors and she said it was an intercostal muscle strain. I did mine dancing I think, got a bit carried away :) She recommended paracetamol and ibuprofen gel and warned me it could take 6 weeks to heal. However it's been 2 weeks and it's almost gone, and she said I could still run :)Hope that's been helpful, but I would see the doctor just to make sure! Btw it started at the back of my ribcage and is now just on one side, so not as bad and I don't get spasms anymore. Good luck and hope you feeling better soon ;)


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