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First Post-Graduation Run

I have just done my first proper post-graduation run this morning. Was slightly worried beforehand as it is one thing working to a goal but keeping motivated afterwards is another issue but there is Newcastle coming up so that's the next milestone for me. Actualy it was fine - in fact (dare I say) it seemed easier than last week and I went a little further distance wise in the 30 minute I can allow early morning - running complete with head-light and high-viz wasistocat courtesy of my other half. Felt a bit silly but it is dark now when I set off (5.15am) so I suppose it makes sense on unlit roads. By the time I got back home dawn had broken and the start of another nice day was in evidence. So enjoy the sunshine whilst we have it and enjoy your programme whatever level you are at.

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Well done for completing your first postgrad run!

I've had to switch to evenings again because of the dark in the mornings :( but it sounds like you've got it sorted!


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