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watch type running gadget advice

Hi, Now I've almost completed week 6 I'd like to get a gadget to show me how far/fast I'm running. Any advice? I don't have a smart phone.

A few points: I have small wrists and hate anything pink, style is very important

Needs to be very user friendly as I am a bit of a technophobe (hence no smart phone!) and easy to connect/download to PC

I know nothing about these things and don't know where to start looking

Thanks everyone

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How soon do you want one?

If you want something small, easy to use, simple and without extras such as a heart rate monitor, Garmin are bringing out a new model which is due to be in the shops 'in September' - no release date yet.

My son has recommended this Garmin Forerunner 10 to me and it looks interesting. RRP is £99, but expect to find it cheaper when it arrives.

Look away from the pink one! ;-)


Thanks for this - I like the green one! Will add to my birthday / christmas wish list and hope someone is feeling generous


I have a garmin forerunner and I also use runkeeper on my iphone.

I actually find that runkeeper is more accurate! Or more likely, has a better way of smoothing out signal loss. I have regular spikes on the Garmin where it thinks I am standing still or running at world record pace. It all evens out over the course of a run, but it does screw up the fastest pace records a little bit.


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