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Great Yorkshire Run

Today I went to the Great Yorkshire Run (10K) in Sheffield to cheer on my friend Fiona, who has done it on six consecutive occasions and got a medal today. By her own admission Fiona is "not very good" (I don't quite believe that) but that's not the point. She is a runner and she gets out there, along with about 6000 others, and does it.

Next year I'm running too. I can already do 10K (whisper it not, faster than Fiona) and Laura has told me I'm a runner.

Next year I'm running too.

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Good luck on the runs :)


I cheered on my best friend doing the Middlesbrough 10k yesterday and the whole event was completely inspiring.

Beginning week 2 today so a long way off but I really want to be running with her next year.


It was inspiring, and I thought hard about entering this year's run. But it was a little soon for me in confidence terms, and I wanted to see what it was like before committing. But next year...!


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