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Week 7, Run 2. Extending my run

My 3k loop I run ends up these days (as I run further than 3k in a session) with me running about 0.8k past my front door, then having to turn round and walk back at the end, which isn't ideal. So I looked at the map this morning and decided to extend my route a bit.

Started off, knew where I was going, had my own tunes playing, all was good.

0.8k in I started to go down quite a steep hill...

1k in I turned the corner and Everest was in front of me! Bugger.

For the next kilometer I was running uphill, steeply at first and then trailing off, but it totally killed me, and for the final 10 minutes I really didn't think I was going to make it. Seriously slow progress, or so it felt.

25 minutes couldn't come soon enough. Stopped pretty much as soon as it flashed up and sent my runkeeper result to the server... Fastest and longest run ever! That was a surprise! I've not felt that knackered after a run in a long time though, however 10 minutes later I was totally fine. Maybe I am getting fitter :)

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Well done that is a great achievement!


Well done, that's a great pace for an uphill route. I'm going to try a route that includes a small hill for my W7R3 run. This should be tomorrow, but as I walked 14km today - not finishing until about 5pm - I may leave it until Tuesday.


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