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Is there a downloadable PDF file of instructions?

Hi to everybody - I am about to start C25K and I would like to get an over view of the entire plan to read before using MP3s if it is possible.

I am 71 and I will be running with my 12 year old Granddaughter - we could both lose a few pounds but the emphasis is on getting fit and staying healthy. I would appreciate any comments/tips regarding a twelve year old starting out.


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oldestnewest There isn't a pdf file but you can see the nine weeks described from a link on this page so that you know what each week contains. It's perfectly possible for a 12 year old to do it. Good luck to you both. Enjoy your running! :)



Many thanks for the prompt response - I downloaded it okay.



I wish I could remember the link where I got this from but someone here created a PDF showing the various weeks and it used to be a flagged as a frequent/sticky post on the right hand side, but I can't find the link...

I've uploaded the PDF here:

It shows the warm-up brisk walk section at the start (5 mins), the cool-down brisk walk section at the end (5 mins) and then the intervals of running vs. brisk walking in the middle. Should be self-explanatory once you see it.

Once anyone steps forward with the real location of this post and who did it I can give the deserved credit, link to it and remove my uploaded version! (I have this PDF on my wall in front of me when I work every day!)



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