Still loving it....but have some questions!

I completed week 2 run 1 this morning and absolutely loved it!

I ran a road route for the first time, rather than the country trail I have done previously, and found it much easier to switch off without having to worry about the uneven surface and which puddle I would have to avoid next. Whilst not so picturesque, I enjoyed being able to look ahead further down the road and challenge myself to get to the next lamp post etc.

During the whole podcast I covered 4km....does this sound like a decent pace to achieve the full 5k when the walk reduces?

I have also noticed that as I run I am over loading on my right foot....leaning to the side. Does ths sound like a technique problem? Or something that could be corrected by having my gait analysed? Which ideally I didn't want to do until I was closer to completing c25k.

I can't believe how much I am enjoying this programme....feel like I could put my trainers back on and get straight back out there! I never thought I would say that about running!

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  • Don't worry about pace, at least, not until week 10, of later... Get to half an hour first, then work on speeding up.

    Does the road you run on have a camber? Did you get the same thing when you ran on the trail? Shoe inner-sole slipped out of place maybe? Could be a few things. Trainers getting on a bit maybe?

  • I love it when I read a blog like yours, you sound to me like you have already been bitten by the running bug, well done.

    Keep a check on your foot but if you start to experience any pain get it checked as andystev says it could be a number of things. Good luck with the rest of your programme. Nice blog :)

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