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Week 1 ...... R2 done it 8-)

Found the couch to 5 k in my diet magazine and thought I'd have a look. I ve never been a runner and and was always last to get picked at school for sports last back to school on the cross country race etc but just lost 3 stone in weight and thought I d have a go . Done the 2 nd Run for week one and have not died yet and my 14 year old son and his mate did it with me !!! What a laugh. Run 3 planned for Monday. Not sure about morning before work or after work runs. 1 st run did in the gym which I pay for and only do Zumba and aqua at so running on the tread mill was scary. Today ran around the nature walk at the shopping centre near me .... Would not want to do alone . But did prefer the outdoor run!....thanks for reading 8-)). And if your doing this good luck and keep going ...... X x x

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well done, keep up the good work


I'm with you XJuliex. I shall be doing week 1 run 3 on Monday too. I will run in the morning outside either in the main park or the one by the sea, where i did the 1st 2. Trouble with that is the dogs having their swim in the sea, then they think I'm part of their playtime afterwards, lol! Will think of you-you're doing really well, and having lost 3 stone already you are ahead. Was going to do run 3 with hubby, but he's had a bad reaction to his chemo on Thursday, so it will be on my own with Laura for company:-)


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