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Done my first run before yesterday and was still in pain today,calves really aching even when walking around ,thought would be better to rest it one more day and go for 2 nd run tomorrow after work,is it better to rest bit more or shall i go through it with it and stick to the planning?

At least wasnt a bad day,went buy a proper pair of running shoes thinking this might save me some pain in the future! :-)

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Did you stretch all you running muscles after completing the run? It will help your muscles recover faster if you did.


no i didnt,i was so much in pain,i wasnt sure i could walk to my car ! lol ! thanks for the link,im going to do this too !


if you drive to your running venue, make sure you stretch and keep your legs warm until you can get to a shower. Don't run if you're in pain but you might find that you feel better tomorrow. Hope you do :)


The first couple of weeks I had a hot bath afterwards, with some muscle-relaxing stuff in it. Around week 3 I felt a shower was enough, but went back to the baths W5R2. Then you can do stretches after the bath too, when your muscles are nice and warm. Good luck!


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