W2 R1... poor neighbour!!

Well I set off for an early morning run today (no work), must have scared my poor neighbour (out to get his morning paper), he normally see's me all suited & booted, hair and full face on ready for work.. Today he got brushed through bed head and a pale faced make up free me setting off!

The brisk walk went well and although I was worried about the 90 seconds, the first few were ok, but gosh the second to last was hard work. I so wanted to stop and walk but instead set two mini goals, one was to make it to an errant wheelie bin and when I had made it to that I knew there couldn't be long left to headed for a lamp post and was so relieved when Laura appeared in my ear.. The last 90 was okay again but I was glad that it was over.

I attempted Laura's suggestions for breathing but got in a pickle and went back to my probably erratic breathing instead! Roll on Monday night for run 2.

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  • Sounds like you are doing really well jlow. Your goal setting made me smile - that's what I do! - to the next lamp post, to that tree, (and if I'm really struggling - to that stone, that leaf, that pothole!)

    I haven't nailed the breathing either. But my brother runs marathons, and he breathes through his mouth all the time, so I guess it's what works for you!

    Keep on going, sounds like you're already hooked :)

  • jlow I've never cracked the breathing either. I run early in the morning and my nose refuses to work that early so I don't have the option of breathing through it. I love your goal setting too. I think it really helps.

  • Did W2 R1 on Saturday too and my neighbour didnt recognise me until I said a wheezy "hi" to her! I had just run home from the park though which was 3 mins added onto the run but felt good.

    I couldnt really get Laura's breathing technique either - it just felt too slow; my breathing is much quicker and most probably all wrong. Any tips from graduates gratefully received...

    Monday night for W2 R2, bring it on!

  • Good luck to us both for tomorrow SBG356, look forward to comparing notes :-)

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