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Post-Grad runs and weekend off, Paralympics finally!!!

I have now done a couple of post graduation runs and one was ok and was hard, but I will put this down to running in a backpack for the first time, I did not think that it would be so much harded!! So I have proved to myself that I can do it. I am still using the week 9 podcast and I think i will do for the next few runs as i still need Laura's encouragement.

But I am having a weekend off as I have finally managed to get some tickets to go to the Paralympics, so tomorrow I am going to the athletics to be really inspired by some real superhumans, as the advert says. I have watched quite a bit and I have heard the word Talipes mentioned a few times, which is the leg/foot condition that i was born with so if they can do it so can I. If you have not seen any yet I would highly recommend it, it is one of the best types of encouragement I have experienced. The athletes are amazing having overcome some real hurdles just to do what we might consider the normal things in life and them bettered this!!!

Good Luck to each and everyone of them and I hope you all have good runs this weekend!!

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Firstly, congrats on the graduation - I am in awe of you all as it still seems a long way off and a huge challenge for me! (I jsut finished week 3 this morning)

Also, I am going to the paralympics too tomorrow! I've only got Park tickets, but am really looking forward to being in the atmosphere, nosing around the park and seeing it on the big screens. The athletes are all so insipiring and thanks to the success of our Olympians a couple of weeks ago, they are finally getting the public exposure and attention they deserve! Super humans really is the way to describe them!


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