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I'm a prize muppet !! My own worst enemy

As usual so concerned about my next session WK4 R2 ... Started podcast - got half way through, thought something was familiar, I was only doing WK3 !! Decided to stop podcast and restart WK4, managed to complete WK4 R2 as well - I looked like the Ribena Berry Man, can't believe my muppetary !! Message to myself "Pay more attention to what you are bl**dy doing !!

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I delieted each week as I went on to the next one to keep things simples lol!


Good idea, think I will do the same, was trying to encourage my better half to do the same but reckon I'm wasting my breath. Question "Do I waste my breath trying to get him to run - or waste my breath running to the wrong podcasts !!



I'm only put one podcast on my mp3 player at a time as I know I'd likely set off to the wrong one. So I add one, delete one, each week (or each day for weeks 5 and 6). It's also a reminder to charge my mp3 player at the same time.


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