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10 days since last run and a great discovery re. podcast speed! (C25k Day 7, 30th August 2012)

I have been away for a long BH weekend and not really been in a fit state to run, so wasn't sure what it was going to be like coming back to do W3R2 so put it off for a couple of days and went for it this morning.

Laura has always sounded a little funny to me and I thought that this was due to NHS production levels but in fact there is a button on iTunes player on my iPhone that changes the speed of your podcast, presumably to help with foreign language podcasts etc.

Mine was set at half speed so I changed it and all of a sudden Laura is clear and the music a lot faster. So in fact the run today was my easiest yet as all my previous runs will have been longer than they needed to be and the slow music not helping!

Anyway still on target for first park run in Oct. and looking forward to it (at the right speed of course)!

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LOL! During my first run that little button was at 2x before I noticed it and I was racing along. I couldn't understand why the button existed- who wants to do the run twice as fast! Now I check every time :)


Pleased I wasn't the only one ;) I'll definitely be checking too from now on!


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