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Anyone ever see a chicken jogging after a heat stroke? That's me! Week 4/Run 2

Wobbling...arms flinging...ready to call it quits...I'm sure I was a pathetic sight out on the track last night, but I did it! For some reason, this run seemed harder then the first one. I stayed intentional all day before the run and watched my water intake etc. Today I am also experiencing some aching/burning in my legs which I had skipped a few weeks of. All in all, it was a decent run and I am very pleased with myself for not giving up even if I did look like a deranged creature out there! :-)

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so funny :) well done x


I'm at the same stage as you having just done wk4r2 today! Can we be chickens with heatstroke together?!!!

Love it! Well done you :)


Ha ha, this vision will stick with me all day. I would be a chicken with heatstroke and frizzy hair! good on you for a successful run!


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