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Wk1 R2...all went wrong!

.....but not for the reasons I thought it would.

In my teens I was super fit, swimming at a national level covering up to 100k per week in training. I was able to run....but never enjoyed it. Since graduating from Uni 4 years ago, I have found the weight harder to keep off. Enjoying married life to the excess has also not helped! I now find myself 2 stone overweight, lethargic and generally unhappy with my appearance.

I have toyed with a gym membership, attend Zumba sporadically but want to do something that I can fit in around my busy and ever changing lifestyle. I tried taking up running last year, giving up after a few weeks discovering I have no will power without someone telling me exactly what I need to do. Discovering the C25K programme, I was intreggued! Loving the structure and the confidence gained having Laura in my ear. I was sceptically would be able to stick to it.,.but determined to give it a go.

Run 1 was brilliant. I found the 1minute run sections relatively easy and could not wait for run two. I headed out or run two this morning...not so simple this time! My route was covered in puddles and caked with mud, my headphones decided to break half way round and my iPod kept skipping from podcast to podcast (I found myself completing the 90sec run from week two at one point). However, despite being the type of things that would normally make me give up and head home, I kept going! By hook or by crook I am determined to catch the running bug!

My plans for today now include, buying a new set of head phones, an Ipod arm holder to stop me knocking it and to plan a less muddy route!

I will not be defeated!

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Good for you deciding to start c25k, it's a great programme & the support via the blogs is invaluable - best of luck! :-)


I did W1 R2 yesterday evening.....

My plan had been to do it in the morning, set my alarm for 5am, had running gear all laid out ready to go.. But it was so dark, I chickened out, by 6am it was a lovely bright sunny morning but needed to start and get ready for work as leave the house at 7.30am and couldn't fit the run in and usual morning chores.. (sort dogs, tidy round, get ready etc).

I organised my daughter to take the dogs for the evening walk (only slight bribery) so as soon as I was home from work I could change and head off, which I did.

I can't understand why it is so different in the evening to early morning, I was definately sluggish, the backs of leg hurt (possibly from being in sky scrapers all day). It was very hot and stuffy, so I was redder and sweatier than W1 R1 on Sunday morning.

Along the way in my sweaty state, I bumped into my daughters friend and her dad walking their dog.. and was hooted by two lots of friends husbands on their way home from work!!

By then end tho I was chuffed to have completed it and am looking forward to Thursday.. (secretly hoping it's raining so not so hot!)

I look forward to following your progress mrskatiealexander :-)


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