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Week 6, Run 3. Surprisingly easy!

Took a while for me to get round to doing this one, I've been ill all weekend and didn't think it wise to try and run with a cold and chesty cough.

Last night I felt a fair bit better, so decided to go for my final run of week 6.

Virtually no shin pain this time :) Although I did get a stitch 5 minutes into the run which I couldn't shift no matter how I breathed. Still, it gave me something to think about for the next 20 minutes...

25 minutes run


7:23 min/k pace

8.12 k/h speed

I could probably have pushed through to 30 minutes if I needed to, but I figured best not as I had been ill.

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Well done for completing week 6. :) Having an extra rest probably did your body the world of good.


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