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On holiday and still managed to fit in my runs did'nt even miss one .. So suprised by myself !

I was worried about going on holiday, thought I might lose my motivation to carry on with the podcasts . Really pleased I managed to do 4 runs whilst away W2R3 and W3R1-2&3 also completed WK4R1 on my return this morning. I know I must sound silly and smug but I really can't believe I've got this far, I've never liked running even as a kid. These podcasts are fantastic, Thank you to whoever compiled them. Does anyone know if their is anything else to follow once you have completed them all ??

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Well done, it obviously took some dedication to do the runs on holiday :D

The NHS has just released some new podcasts ~ C25K+ and they are aimed to help you increase pace & stamina so you can go further faster. There are also some strength & flexibility podcasts which you could aim to do on your rest days.

I suppose it depends what you want to aim for once you complete the programme really, there are a lot of programmes out there designed to help you reach 10k but this isn't something that the NHS people are looking to do.

I'm sure you will have more of a goal in mind by the time you get more runs under your belt, so its worth having a look at different programmes then to see what takes your fancy! :)


Thanks for the advice, I'm so new to doing anything like this I really appreciate it. Thankyou and I will look at the NHS site again.


Well done, that is an amazing achievement to carry on whilst on hols, you should be very proud!

Others have mentioned the follow on programme that has just been released. Another way of keeping interest going is to register for parkrun if there is one near you.

I found I needed something to keep me out running after I graduated so I went on to the Runners World website and looked at events coming up. I signed up for a local10k charity race, with about 10 weeks advance warning, then downloaded a plan from the runners world website to follow.

Some of the runs (interval training) were a bit too hard to do on my own so I have now found a local friendly informal group that meets on a Monday, caters for all levels. I cant believe I am writing this but we have a really good laugh, even went out in the pouring rain and puddles up to my ankles to run with the group last night! LIke a big kid!


Thank you. I will look to see what else is available, I dont want to stop when I (hopefully) finish WK9 R3 and I feel unless there is something else out there for me I could quite easily go back to being a couch muppet !!. Thanks once again.


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