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Week 8 completed

Roll on week 9. Slightly nervous but also slightly excited about actually getting to the end.

My running route takes me alond a footpath through the middle of two fields that have this year been used to grow rape seed. When I started this program the rape had just flowered and as times gone on its slowly dried, then was harvested, the land ploughed and yesterday the soil had been rolled ready for seeding again. It feels like my own little montage scene everytime I go down that path. Can't believe how far I've come in this time and just hope I can cope with those last two minutes in the next three runs. :O)

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Well done and roll on to the finish of week 9. Funny you mention the fields. Today as I ran between two fields of golden barley, I was wondering if it will be harvested before I finish the programme. When I started I was unsure what the green grain was in the fields.


Cue the Eva Cassidy song 'Fields of Gold'. Your running route sounds lovely.


What a lovely picture you paint. :) I'm in the city, and I'd love to see what you see instead of sidewalks and apartment buildings. Yes, you can do the extra two minutes! This time the increase is easy, because you can tell yourself, when you pass the 28-minute mark that you just achieved in Week 8, "Just one more minute until Laura says '60 seconds to go', and then it's just another 60 seconds after that." Oh, the games I play with myself to get this done. :)


Well done. I'm sure you will be fine with the W9 runs, as Lu25k says you just have to add 60 seconds...and another 60 seconds, and you'll be there. Good luck!


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