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Week 3 completed - nervous about wk 4

after week away on hols came back and completed last two runs of week 3. Have looked at week 4 - I only just manage 3 mins can i really do 5? With the number of graduates on here clearly it can be done so I'm gonna give it a go Thursday. Is there anyone else who finds its not their legs that want to give up but their lungs?

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Legs, lungs, brain - everything wants to give up sometimes, but I did week 4 last week with relaitve ease, and am almost through week 5. Of course you can do it nellmc. Just breathe normally and blow the air out through your mouth.


I agree with Delialtaly. I find my lungs, my legs but more importantly my brain wants to stop. Lauras trying to teach me to breathe well but TBH I'm just trying to breathe. Sometimes when the brain goes away I find I can do it and then it comes back and asks what I think I'm doing and do I know what I look like... We can do it!!


Definitely find breathing is my biggest challenge! My legs don't seem to hurt at all (I've just finished week 3) - although I do stretch them before my 5 minute walks, but I really am gasping for breath! Just keep powering through, unless you feel really unwell your body will get you through it, just trust it! Good luck :)


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