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Week 3 Run 2 - Surprised how much I am enjoying this!

I'm mid way through week 3 of c25k and am really enjoying it so far! And this is from someone who finds it really difficult to stick to any form of exercise other than a gentle stroll with the dog.

I still can't quite believe I've run for 3 straight minutes! Today it was even quite comfy which was surprising after struggling through some of the 90 seconders. The biggest thing I've taken from this so far is the pacing. Usually when I've attempted running in the past I've run as fast as I can for as long as I can and subsequently felt horrendous and given up! Admittedly my husband can comfortably walk next to me whilst I'm 'running' now but I'm learning how to keep going.

The strangest thing I've had to contend with is the urge to run on my rest days! What's that all about?! I won't knock it if it gets me through the whole 9 weeks and beyond though.

I'm apprehensive about achieving the rest of the programme but I really hope I can do it and it's so great to be able to read everyone's stories on here for inspiration :-)

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Glad you're enjoying it- that's what it's supposed to be like. It's all about keeping going and developing stamia to exercise vigorously for 30-40 minutes so pace yourself and keep going. Don't give up exercise completely on your rest days: try swimming, cycling, walking, dancing- just don't run. :)


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