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2nd run of wk 2 in the rain - not much fun

Despite the rain i decided to give it a go, went the distance but found the wet kagool a bit of a challenge. Hoping for better weather for the rest of the week. i've run now for three consecutive days so think i really need to have a rest day tomorrow - its quite addictive this running thing. - My bum feels a bit less wobbly too.

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You definitely need a rest day!! I'm only running on alternate days; there's no way my body could cope with runniing every day, I'd get injured if I did that, although the urge to run on my rest days is actually surprising me. I never thought I'd actually want to do this - more like force myself. But it's the exact opposite! Well done on getting so far so fast though!


Well done on your progress!

I was keen to go out every day too but most advice in forums like this one and running mags/books/forums advise a day's rest, especially for people new to this type of exercise. It gives your body a chance to repair small muscle tears so you avoid injury which would stop you running all together. You can do other things on your non running days, I swim, go to a weights class and now and again get to pilates. One day of complete rest from exercise is normally recommended.

As for the rain, I love running in it! It cools me down a treat.

I did buy a lightweight running jacket when I started, but it is really only shower proof and slightly windproof. Once I warm up I take it off, even in torrential rain, and tie it round my waist (fold it over a few times so doesn't dangle/flap!), I figure I get wet anyway (from . . . erm. . . perspiring so much!). I do wear a running cap with a big peak to stop rain getting in my eyes.


Thanks for the advice. i'm gonna enjoy a night of soaps.


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