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Week 3 in the bag

Phew! Have just got back from my final run of Week 3.

I've had a bit of trouble lately in actually getting myself out of the door and running... Which is a shame considering I seemed to get addicted to the process in the first week or so. I even had to bribe myself today. I'm hoping it's just because the runs are getting more difficult!

Anyway, I'm really pleased that I've slogged through and come to the end of W3. Although there is one thing I don't understand: how can a 90 second run be so much harder to complete than 3 whole minutes?!

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Hi Aseesi, snap! I've just finished week 3 too. I always seem to find the first run more difficult than the rest. I think it must be because I'm not warmed up enough so as the runs get longer I'll have to spend more time stretching and warming up before starting. Hope you are feeling as virtuous as I am! Remember the first day? I'm amazed that I can run 3 mins (well, shuffle!) without too much pain! Good luck!


I agree, getting the motivation together has been a factor this week (week 3) and also last week. I am not struggling too much, it's just that I suppose I feel like I still have a long way to go! Week 3 done now, lets bring on week 4!


Hey guys, thanks for the responses!

I've always been a massive procrastinator but I'm really hoping that the discipline of the programme will help keep me going once it sinks in that I've been running regularly for nearly a month.

Bring on W4 indeed, and best of luck to you two also!


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