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Finally - a plan that works!

Having been very sporty at school I was hugely disappointed to wake up 20 years later and discover I had 3 stone of unwanted weight attached to me, a cupboard of pristine, unused sportswear and the fitness levels of a particularly decrepit sloth. Pulling a hamstring in the 'Dad's Race' at school sports day was the final straw and once this had recovered I decided to give the NHS C5K plan a go. Having tried and failed to get past about week 2 with similar apps I was somewhat sceptical but this has really worked for me. I have found Laura's comments surprisingly helpful as well as the music (although it does appear to be getting worse as the podcasts go by). I run on a treadmill so can guarantee I'm doing my walks and runs at exactly the same pace each time which I've also found very helpful. I've now finished Week6 run2 which marks the end of interval training and am so pleased I've made it this far. I feel much better in myself with more energy and enthusiasm for exercise. I actually now don't like the rest days and look forward to the next run. Having the goal to reach Week9r3 is really motivational and I'm so pleased I discovered this plan.

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I've only just finished Week 3 but I agree completely with your sentiments, re the programme. You've done really well to get so far, I'm looking forward to reaching the goal of graduation and already thinking about what I'll do next! (10k?) Nothing like getting ahead of myself! Good luck with reaching your goals.


Yes, it really does work - I wasn't even sporty at school like you were, hiding round the corner and smoking fags instead of doing cross-country, and really didn't like anything sporty at all apart from watching Wimbledon from the sofa. But now also like you said, I don't like the rest days, unbelievable really. After finishing the last C25K run last week I have actually just been running every day and loving it (I took the rest days whilst doing the programme). And now my legs don't get tired any more and I'm managing to run the scary hills that I've never dared attempt, that I used to have to stop to get my breath on when I walked up them a few months ago. I cannot believe that C25K has turned me into a runner. Enjoy it!


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