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Week 4...why are my knees hurting so much?

I was a little bit nervous about starting week 4. Five minutes sounded like an awfully long time to be running non stop, so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I set off on a damp and drizzly morning.

It all started well and I completed the first two runs without feeling too out of breath, but when I finished running for the second time I could feel my knees beginning to hurt a little (I damaged my right knee in week 2 and had to take two weeks out while it recovered). I braved it out and managed the second 3 minute run, albeit rather slower, but the final run was hard work and I found myself willing Laura to hurry up and tell me to go back to walking before my legs caved in under me. I completed it and quicky took ibuprofen, applied ice, rested etc to protect my poor knees but find myself wondering what on earth is wrong with my running style that I am incurring so much discomfort at such an early stage in the plan.

The irony is that when I got my running shoes the chap in the shop said I was less likely to suffer knee problems because of my running style...ha ha, how foolish I was to believe him!

I have been watching videos on Youtube to look at possible wrongdoings on my part as I am worried it's going to get worse. Maybe it's my age (hurtling towards 49 far faster than I can actually run). I don't know, but I am determined to do what I can to stick with the programme.

Run 2 of week 4 tomorrow I hope. Have taken an extra day's rest just to give my flagging body a chance to recover's hoping run 2 will be a little less painful...

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I hope you get through run 2 okay...I really can't offer any advice other then if its still tender maybe take an extra day to recover, then go slow. I'm also in week 4 and already hit that dreaded 49 number in calendar years,,, Good luck!


My knees hurt in the early runs. I now wear knee support and take two paracetamol before I go . W9 R1 for me tomorrow :-)


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