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Pre-shower blog

Just done my W5R1 and wanted to tell you all before my shower. I am dripping wet with sweat (ugh!) but feeling totally elated. Stupidly went out the door without drinking, so I expected a stitch, but didn't get one, and had to beg a glass of water in a café on the way back as I also left my purse behind. All this to avoid a big storm I can see brewing (well msn told me really!) as running in UK rain is one thing, quasi-tropical cats and dogs is another. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. And thank you all.

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Well done you, hope the sun shining for you again now.:-) Pat

PS got my runner gear from sport direct very cheep and cheerful.:-)


Yes it is thanks, but we would actually perfer it a little cooler. Will indeed try Sports Direct. Thanks, Delia


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