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update to nursing broken ankle

Not much to say really only when were the days lengthened to be a week, or so it seems.

I have read a book mountain, watched whole series of things on dvds I have had for a few years. I have tralled google and know alot more than I did before. But realistically I am bored silly.

I cant get out of the house on my own but can walk abit with the zimmer but I am terrified of of the healing process being interupted if I do too much and then it will result in more time in plaster.

I have another 16 days to go and it cant come quick enough. Then I know the hard work of getting this ankle back to full movement starts it will give me more to think about. I admit that I am also scared of it rebreaking as it will be weak. I know thats probably silly but keeps me awake at night.

Sorry for the long moan.

On another side I am amazed how much I am missing the running I read the messages here and so want to get back out there my mood was so much better when I was running.

Keep up the good work and take care.

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You poor thing, I just dread to think how I would feel if something stopped me in my healthy habits now!


My thoughts are with you, Glenda! Take it easy and concentrate on healing. You're doing the right thing by keeping yourself as busy as you can. Time goes by faster if you do.


Oh dear Glenda, I'm so sorry for you. I hope you recover quickly. I wonder if swimming might be a good idea when the plaster comes off? At least you'll know a lot more thanks to Google!


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