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New here - Day 1 of Week 1 :D

Hiay All,

I'm Becs and today I started Week 1.Phewf it was tough - but I managed it and after a shower i felt amazing and my mood has been up all day! I left the house at 6am, we live in a rural village that is extremely steep and hilly - there was no-one around, but i think i need to find a decent route. (only lived here since last year and not too sure yet where the 'flattest' distances are outside of the village.

I turned 30 this year and am a full time mum (at the moment) to my daughter who's 8 and my son who's 3. In June i weighed in at my heaviest ever and have since lost 1 stone. Over the last month i've been using the Wii fit and it has really given me the bug to exercise. After chatting to a few friends through the OU we set up our own little FB page to encourage each other along and lose weight / get fit. A couple of them mentioned this to me on Saturday and I googled it, and just went for it!

I've already got decent trainers, just need a better sports bra, and now a new mp3 player as sadly my ipod recently gave up the ghost -so i couldnt use the podcast for today. I tried jogging to music, but found it difficult to time myself and focus with my watch and my rubbish headphones falling out al the time (will buy a new pair tomorrow).

Bring on Wednesday, jogging along with Laura and hopefully feeling a little less like i'm going to DIE! Ha ha, Luckliy my other half used to be a keen runner so he gave me lots of breathing tips (as i have NEVER ran before) and friends have given me good posture and injury prevention tips.

How are you all finding it?

B x

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Heya, I've just started this week too, I found W1R1 really hard but run 2 loads easier, congrats about losing a stone btw :-). Hope you enjoy run 2



Well done on getting out there that is the hardest part but so the best thing you ever did I turned 60 today and graduated at the end of June. Unfortunately I am out of action atm because I broke my ankle on a bike. I miss the running so much and even though the road forward ill be difficult I will run again.

This is a complete turn around from this former couch potato.


Hello. Well done on today. I started on Saturday and am still aching!! It was the first time I'd run further than the width of a road for 32 years (I'm 47 and overweight).

I too live in a village on the lower slopes of a hill. I'm not using the podcast, just following the written programme. I presume it's the same.

I'm off for run number 2 in the morning before work, accompanied by my much fitter but very patient 19 year old daughter.

Good luck for Wednesday. Apparently we've done the hardest bit and got off the couch!


Hi Ladies,

Thanks so muh for your replies

I am sooo stiff this morning in the tops of my things ha! Definately working. I skipped the wii fit last night - so will be doing that tonight as planned and then it's back out for run 2 in the morning! Off to get a new MP3 player, headphones and sweat pants this morning - and then i'm sending the kids out with dad so I can have some peace and quiet and get my entrance essay for an Access to Uni course done :).

Thanks Leila,

Glenda - well done on Graduating - what were you studying?

Sian (or Earl Grey) hope you had a fab run this morning!


Hi Becs, I am on Week1 Run 1 only yesterday. Our house is at the top of a hill so it doesn't matter which way I run - I always have to start down hill and finish uphill! I have Michael Johnson as my coach, but I couldn't get my iphone to work either so had to listen to one song from Scissor Sisters all way round.

I have put on over a stone since last summer, so now it's time to take it in hand, if you can do it with two small children, then I have no excuse. Well done you and keep the faith!


Hi Becs! Congrats on your run! I definitely know that feeling like you're going to die, but it's so strange how a few minutes after I've done it, I feel like I have tremendous extra energy. Each time it happens I think uh, where were you a few minutes ago when I almost died on that incline?!


Well done and welcome. I too live in a rural hilly area. Keep at it but take it slowly. I'm finding that the second run of each week definitely feels easier 💪🏼🏃🏼‍♀️


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