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Lazy student - Week 1, first run...phew

Hey guys, I'm Dave, I'm 20. As a student I'd say I was victim to too many vodka calories, junk food and microwave meals. I'm overweight, not hugely, by BMI is about 26, but enough that I'm body concious. I'm a bit embarrassed so I don't want to use the gym where all the uni teams hang out comparing pecs and abs so I wanted to take up running. I've tried it before, but found no motivation or anything. Stopped after a ten minute jog etc. However C25K is much better than anything I've tried before. I've just done the first day today and I can say it was tough, 60 seconds is a lot longer than you think and the lactic acid was really building up after the first few runs but I managed it to the end and I'm so proud of myself. I've tried and failed to get started many times but you can do it and the podcast really helps motivate you! Good luck everyone else who's trying it out!

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Well done! First of many!


Good work mate!


Thanks guys, trying a new diet as well...cutting down these portion sizes is hard! Anyone else had success with a new diet as well as exercise?


Hi Dave I have lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise. I am eating a primal diet at the moment, and fairly low carb (so no bread, rice, pasta, etc). If you want any further info, I can point you to some good resources online.

Well done on getting started.


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