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No more walking, holy cow :-O

I did W6R2 last night. The first 5 minutes were hard. It was hot outside again, and very humid which was not ideal. After the first 5 minutes though, I settled down into a nice pace and the rest was fine. The second 10 minutes was actually easier than the first, and I stepped up my speed when Laura told me there was only 1 minute to go.

I have now realised though that it's just long runs from here on in....... scary! I hope my legs recover more easily after the 25 minute run that's up next, than they did after my first 20 minute run last week.

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Er - yes, it is rather a disturbing thought. But you can do it, you're ready! I have found that the rest days become very important with the longer runs, I was doing a run every other day but now I am having a couple of rest days off at some point in the week as I find the long runs without walking do make my legs tired - - only when running, though, I still get that fab energy boost once I've finished (and had a cup of coffee!)

Good luck with W6R3, think of us there cheering you on when you do it!


Thanks. My legs are still feeling tired this morning, a day and a half after my last run. I'm due to do W6R3 tonight. Will see how it goes.


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