Can't say that I wasn't nervous about this one! I've still got four stone to lose and wondered if I'm being a bit ambitious with the whole program, but I did it!!! I was so elated and happy :-))

I bought new running shoes on Saturday after having my gait analysed. Apparently I have tight ham strings, so need to work on that.

If you'd have told me two weeks ago that I could run for three minutes (twice) I'd have laughed my head off - my friends are now calling me Paula lol

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  • Keep it up - you're doing brilliantly! And I bet you'll be able to look back in a few weeks and think how far you've come since starting.

  • Well done. Really good to hear about others success. I am on week 2 at the moment, have just done r2 and have started wondering how I will get on next week doing 3 min runs. Feel reassured now having heard about ouour experience of it so thank you for posting.

    And good luck for tuture runs.

  • Thanks Guys! Back out tomorrow morning for run 2!!

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