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Week 7 - run 1

OK, So I've started blogging a little late here - I feel like I'm on the home stretch now having made it to week 7.

I have to admit, I'm a little confused. So far with every run I have felt like I was imporoving by leaps and bounds - but today I really struggled to keep going for the full 25 minutes. The previous run seemed easier even though it was the same amount of time.

Maybe its the humid weather, maybe it was the Pizza Hut lunch I had, maybe it was the fact I didn't sleep well last night becuase my little lad couldn't sleep.. in fact, reading what I have just written - I'm not confused at all, there is no way my running can get any better under those conditions.

Anyway, I will try again and I might even have a go at running before work. That might solve the humidity problem.

One question, does running ever get easier?

I feel like I am just learning to endure the pain of running better than actually finding it easier..

My run:

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my only advice is just to keep going, i found week 7 and week 8 pretty hard but keep going it all gets easier as you get fitter. but then it is no challenge if your not pushing yourself to do more. keep going


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