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How best to tackle the 5k+ podcasts?

I graduated a few weeks ago but think I'll give the 5k+ podcasts a go to try and increase my speed and distance... just wondering are they designed to be used for a certian number of runs or just an ongoing thing? How are people using them? As there are three podcasts and I run three times a week, is it feesible to use them as my three runs, ie do each podcast once a week?

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i tried the stepping stone one and have to say i found it hard.....i actually didnt run quite as far as when i ran the week 9 podcast. laura comes on and explains about timing your footsteps along with the beat of the music. i might give it another go as getting sick of week 9 now! i also tried running to own music but it was a pain keeping checking time. if you look at the podcast i think it tels you a bit about each one. i would probably try them all and then see what you think. the stepping stone one I thought seemed the best as i only graduated 2-3 weeks ago.


I use stepping stones for one run and for another I use the c25k podcasts and run at my usual pace for the walking bits and faster for the running bits. I found the stepping stones was a good speed but I couldn't keep to the fastest beat for the length Laura asked so I'm trying to build up to that. I haven't tried the speed one yet, but I'll give it a go later this week. I'm not sure how fast I want to go- I'm 61 for heaven's sake- there's gotta be a limit! :)


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