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The End? It had to be at home

I finished W9R3 last week on holiday in Cornwall - but it didn't feel right - so today when i got home I went and did W9R4 which felt the achievement - on my own territory - from my own front door - over the land i had done all those other weeks on!

So yes I have done it - unbelievable!

I did a route a did onW5R3 when I nearly gave up - the worst run - came in feeling ill and gasping. Today I ran past the 20 minute mark some further distance on and feeling okay -not fast but in fact feeling like running a further 10 mins. This programme is amazing!!!

When the podcast finished I was 5 minutes from home so carried on walking and somehow the podcast slipped to part way through W2 and I heard Laura saying run for 90 seconds - I remember when that was a huge effort - I remember I had started this programme twice before last year and gave up after W2 - and here I was thinking thats okay - just run 30 mins!

Its amazing - so anyone who is at the beginning - well done - and if it feels hard please please trust the programme - it really really does work!

Ah I now just need to be able to run 5K - guess I am on about 4 and a bit at the moment - thats my next challenge.

And thank you Laura for all your well timed encouragement - thank you NHS for providing this - thank you for producing the next stage just as I need it - and thank you me for doing it!

oh and thank you welshwoman for encouraging me at W5R3 - I see you have just finished too!

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Well done! It's amazing isn't it? My final run was great and I did 5k in 33 mins. I was so excited that anyone would think I'd just won an Olympic gold medal!. I've entered the Bupa Great North 5k run which is on September 15th and so now I'm going to concentrate on building up my distance and speed. I really didn't know that I had helped you earlier on in the programme but I'm glad you've finished it on your third attempt. All we need now are our badges. Hope they appear today. What have you got planned now that you've finished c25k?


Congratulations, also great to see that you've challenged your gremlins by doing that route again. Enjoy graduation :-)


Congratulations :)


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