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At least we're doing something!

Went to my Nana's this weekend and had to fight the corner of the joggers and runners out there!

My nan made a glib comment about walking faster than some joggers she sees, meaning, apparently, that they're "not even trying", they're "hardly breaking into a sweat" and that her walk is harder and more exercise/fitness-enhancing than running!

I struggled to keep my cool, I'll tell you! I personally am really struggling with C25K, and have lost my motivation a bit having attempted the 25min run 5 times now and been successful on two occasions, but I'm sticking with going out, because I know it's great for me!

I jog/run far slower than I walk, covering about the same distance whether I run or walk for the amount of time, but I know that the running is making all the difference!

As I said, at least we're doing some exercise, and it's tough, and it hurts and it's great for us! I'd expected a bit more support from her, but people always surprise us!

At least I know I've got the support and inspiration on here, for which I am truly grateful!

Good on everyone who is actually going out there and doing something! Inspire a generation, and maybe it'll start working throughout all generations!

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Hi Aytriaris. Don't be discouraged, you're doing a great thing! You've taken control of your life and are doing something positive for your long term health and well-being! Perhaps your Gran wishes she could try something like Couch25k? As I get older (51) I sometimes feel as though some things have passed me by and wish I had tried stuff when I was younger. However I can't turn the clock back but I can get off my butt now and get on with becoming the lean, mean running machine I know is lurking inside me! Good luck, and keep up the good work!


So nice to hear this! I'm convinced that my jogging speed is the same or slower than my walking speed. But at least I'm exercising.

Keep going!


Here! Here! Your certainly not alone on the speed front.

I wish somone could explain quite how it's possible to use so much more effort to jog at the same speed as walking.


Avtriaris I'm so glad I've got some company on the speed front, or rather lack of. I too feel I probably don't jog any faster than I walk but as you say we are at least doing something positive for our long term health and fitness. And speed is something we can work on later

Quite how it can take so much more effort to jog at a similiar speed to walking is a bit of a mystery but there you go.

And please don't be discouraged by any negativity from your Nan or anyone else for that matter. We are at least getting off our bums and doing something positive. Maybe your Nan would like to try the Cto5k and she would no doubt find that it's not quite as easy as she probably thinks.

Your way ahead of me, I've just started week 2 so for you to have completed a couple of 25 min runs is pretty impressive from where I'm standing.

Keep up the good work and good luck for future runs.


Definitely a mystery how it takes so much more energy to jog rather than run! I tried running to my own music once (and only once) and found myself dying much quicker than normal - assume I had upped my pace with faster paced music. I'm sticking with Laura for the time being, hoping to keep at the 25min tracks, and aim to do at least 15 minutes each time!

Good luck with carrying on. I'm aiming to hit 30 minutes before my 21st (a month and a bit away), and then I'll be happy, but for now, just getting out there and doing something is my aim!


I did the first 25min run today so I know how you feel. I must be an optomist because I'm sure Wednesdays run will be easier. Why, I don't know because none of the runs have got easier. We're making our bodies work harder, I think that's the main point of these runs. Good luck!


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