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Hello I'm new! Week 1 Run 1

Yesterday (Saturday) I did my first run using the NHS Couch to 5k podcast, Ive not done running since school which was 6 years ago!

So yesterday afternoon I set off on my first run! It wasn't too bad though I wished I'd taken a different route as i forgot the big hill I had to tackle!

I am feeling refreshed today although my legs ache a little but I thought it would hurt alot more than it does!

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Well done Tracey. Keep up the good work - that hill will get easier and easier - just slow down a little when it gets a bit tough. I have a long hill that takes me 5 minutes to run up and it's getting easier each time.

I'm just about to start Week 5 and can't believe I've got this far and it was a lot more than 6 years since I left school!

Keep blogging so we can keep up with your progress.


Well done. My week one run one today as well. Wasn't too bad, just worried about friends or family seeing me! I've not run since school either, though that was 36 years ago not 6!

Just hope I can keep it up, though my 13yr old daughter who started on week 3 (thought weeks 1 and 2 were too easy) is giving me all the encouragement I need!


Well done, wish I had done it years ago (it had been about 35 years since I had run in school lol!), I couldnt run for my train a year ago and have just run my first 10k race this morning! Stick with it it is a brilliant programme!


I feel much better about the hills after reading your post...wherever i go from home there are hills, and i am worried that i won't manage for week 2 when there is more running, but i'll stick with it!!!


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