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Windy Weather

Sunday morning: a time when I'd usually be sitting on the couch watching TV, trying to motivate myself to clean the house. This week was different because at 9:20am, I was out on the streets doing my 3rd run of week 3. It is very windy today and I did really struggle. I was running into the wind for the last 1/3 of the session and it felt slow, labourious and clumsy. I felt very "heavy" when I was running and didn't enjoy it as much as the first 2 runs of this week. I'm a bit nervous about week 3 now. On a more positive note; I completed week 2, I obeyed Laura's instructions despite wanting to walk at times, and having mapped my route, I realised I'd covered exactly 4kms from start to finish of the podcast. So I can run/walk 4kms in 30 mins :)

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Well done on finishing week 2 NewbieRunner and don't be hard on yourself for being slow running against the wind, its one of the hardest things to do, it really does take your strength away and makes breathing all the harder. That will get easier in time but every runner I know says the wind is the worst, give me rain any day of the week. Where I live we are on the North Sea coast and our ParkRun is held down at the beach, its a killer nearly every week. So grab week 3 by the scruff of the neck and you'll manage it no bother at all cos the last run will have helped to build up your strength and stamina. ;)


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