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Muscle ache - back of lower leg

I'm still in my first week - run 3 tomorrow morning - but both times I've run so far I've got an ache in the muscle at the back of my lower leg. Starts during the 3rd or 4th minute of running. Anyone know when this is likely to stop hurting? And should I just keep going and move onto week 2 next week, or wait till I can do the 1 minute runs without it hurting?

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I had this problem quite badly (if you mean the lower calf muscle) and I've got over it completely now by really paying attention to stretching after running. Here's some to do: make sure you do both the calf stretches. The way I stretch the lower muscle is not quite like they do in the photo, but by staying in the position for the upper calf muscle stretch and then slightly bending my extended leg's knee and allowing the heel to lift, so I can feel the stretch move to the different muscles. Really listen to your muscles and then you can move the stretch around. I would do at least three of each alternately each side. Hope that's not too garbled and that it helps.


Definitely lots of stretches! Some aches and pains are to be expected if you're new to running but if it gets worse and stretching doesn't help then listen to your body and use RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) until things improve. Also make sure you are well hydrated to ward off cramps.


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