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W1R2 So much easier

Wow I didn’t quite believe it would be, but run 2 was so much easier. I was dreading it. I ache and I’m tired I’d been at work in the morning shift, I’d come home with the intention of having lunch and a cup of tea then going out for run 2 soon after. It was red hot today, I’d had a really busy day at work and finished late so once I got home I ended up chilling on the sofa and fell asleep watching Olympics, woke up about 7 o’clock at night with a stiff neck and feeling shocking. I felt so disappointed that I’d not gone for a run, I felt like I was letting everyone (and myself) down. I had my tea gave it a hour to settle and set off about 9:30 at night, I know it’s late to go but I’m on a night shift tomorrow so staying up later won’t do any harm. It was cooler and I ran on the streets rather than going to the park and it was a really pleasant run. I enjoyed it, I paced myself better was able to run all the runs. So glad I carried on. I’m not as scared as I was about continuing the course, I’m not sure it will get loads easier and I’m fairly sure I’ll still struggle at times but I feel better about it all.

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Well done on getting out there again, I often found that run 2 was better than 1. Run 3 will be better then on to a new week, enjoy :-)


Well done you. Run 1 is scary, I know I was concerned about people looking at me, and I was embarrassed, but when you get out you realise really nobody is looking at you at all haha.

There are good runs and bad runs. I know I had week 4, and week 5 too I think, which I found tough. I just didn't enjoy it, I didn't feel good after, but my stubbornness prevailed and I kept up with the program and it paid off. I think the main thing is to keep going with the program and don't get put off by bad runs (or weeks, as in my case!). If you just follow through it will be worth it. Of course, if you ever need to repeat a week, do, as you don't want to get an injury either.

Best of luck with the rest of it!


Well done for making the effort after things didn't go to plan.


I'm a nurse I think that abnormal jogging hours come with the territory, I've so often come back from an early and fallen asleep on the sofa... Well done you for going!!!


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